The conversation with a homeopath is a unique one.

Initial homeopathic consultations take about 2 hours. During that time you talk about yourself, both physically and emotionally. The homeopath will listen and probe until they fully understand what makes you unique. From this therapeutic discussion the homeopath will then work up your case and choose a remedy that is just for you.

After the homeopathic treatment (remedy) is introduced to the body, the problem that existed, that held you back from fully enjoying your life, becomes “unstuck”. We are so accustomed to the problems that we have had that we cannot move forward in many different ways. We assume that that is just the way it is and it will never change. Homeopathy changes this.

What many people describe after receiving homeopathic treatment is a general sense of well being. Homeopathy can help the body restore a sense of balance to the mind, body and soul that at some time in the past went out of balance. Homeopathy provides a gentle nudge in the right direction - it is a path to wellness and feeling better.

After the first visit and prescription, the next follow-up will take place 4 weeks later. As your condition improves, the visits will then be 2-3 months apart or as needed by the patient.

Phone & Skype consultations for follow-ups and acute health concerns are available for patients who have already had an initial consultation.

If you need to change the time of your appointment, I require at least 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in the full charge.


"Homeopathy.... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science."
----Mahatma Gandhi

Initial Consult      $175
Includes a 2 hour appointment, case work-up, and remedy


Follow-up Appointments      $90
Includes a 45 minute appointment, case work-up and remedy


Initial Consult for children (0-12)      $175

Includes a 2 hour appointment, case work-up and remedy


Follow-up Appointments (children)      $90
Includes a 45 minute appointment, case work-up & remedy


Acute Prescriptions for existing patients      $30
Includes 15 minute phone consult & remedy dispensing fee

Class on Homeopathy      $65